KIT RF Transformer ferrite 43 Amplifier 80W PEP

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KIT RF TRANSFORMER is intended for input, interstage impedance matching applications.

Note this is not the finished transformer. This is a KIT for the manufacture of the transformer. 
This KIT as you can see on the first photo. Wire not included.

Primarily in for solid-state, push-pull amplifiers.

The RF transformer can handle a maximum power dissipation of 50 watts PEP.

Designed for PA with 2x RD16HHF1, 2x IRF510, 2x SC1969,  and so on

For example - for such a module - 



The core material for the RF transformer is available type 43. 

TYPE 43  1-50MHz frequency range. 

Attention, all detailed descriptions are given on the page => Description