KIT amplifier 35W 1-50(100)MHz 2x RD16HHF1 +21dBm

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1-30MHz Upper frequency can be increased by changing the parameters C35, C36, C37, C38, C22, C21, C20, L1, L2.
Among the photos you can see the amplifier option LPF for 50MHz BAND. For PA 100MHz elements C35,36,37,38,22,21,20 L1,2 are not used.
INPUT  +21dBm (2,5V) AND OUTPUT  35WATT  POWER SUPPLY 13,8 volt DC / 6 A
If set then enough VT1 +1dBm (250mV) input power.
This set of PCBs KIT consists of parts:
 1. PCB  
 2. Ferrites  
 3. Relay 
 4.RD16HHF1 - matched pair – 2pcs 
 7.Trimmers 3pcs
 8.Resistots SMD 2512
 9.Transistor KT816
 10. 78L09
KIT looks like the one in the first photo above. 
By KIT is attached CD-disk with detailed description.
Detailed description of the amplifier can be viewed on the link =>  Select the target language at the top right flags - GTranslate
The board PA with the soldered details will look like this -
  Additional schematic, photo -