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This 1400 W extremely rugged LDMOS power transistor for broadcast and industrial applications in the HF to 600 MHz band.

The BLF188XR and BLF188XRS are capable of withstanding a load mismatch corresponding to VSWR > 65:1.

In a range from 2 to 30MHz (test signal CW) BLF188XR, Pout is 1270W.


Technical characteristics.


Frequency range is 1,8-50MHz

Voltage: 50-56V

Imax: 30-35A

Idq: 800mA

Peak CW power:  ≥ 1200 W

P input:  ≤ 10 W 1.8-30MHz, ≤ 15 W 50MHz

Vbias: 12V for keying the amplifier

Board is 163mm X 120mm size

BIAS adjusted in accordance with temperature.

For better IMD, use negative feedback circuit.

Additional elements for AFC correction.

Input VSQR is optimized with attenuator on PA input.

The heat sink and a copper heat spreader (not supplied) have to be larger than 200X140 mm and proper fan cooling must be provided too.

 If you want to get 1000W Pout for 160m and 80m, you need very low input power, about 3-4W Pin. In this order, you need to be very carefully on first power on.

For Pout 1000W - you need Pin 6-9W for 7-21MHz. 

For Pout 1000W - you need Pin 5-6W for 24-30MHz.

For Pout 500-600W, enough Pin 8-12W for 50MHz band.   

On 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 12m, 10m can be Pout up to 1200-1300W. 

Warning! Remember , for AM, FM mode, do not pass more 600W Pout.  


A full technical documents with all instructions on CD is provided with the board.

For a tech support, please email me ut2fw(at)mail.ru 

Pictures of ready PA Unit of the amplifier with BLF188XR -