1.5kW PEP, 1.5-54MHz, LPF low-pass filter 5th order (for LDMOS, BLF188, MOSFET)

247.00 $


LPF1500 allows you to filter the power to 1500W PEP. 
All of filters are for 50 ohm. 
Similar  HL1.5Kfx - Tokyo Hy-Power, Ameritron ALS1300 . 
For switching filters applied powerful relays with a current capacity 16A.
LPF1500, the filter switching is implemented with 2 options:
1. to ground one of 1-7 contacts XS1
2. +5-12v to 1-7 contacts XS2
LPF1500 ideally suited for amplifier MOSFET, LDMOS transistors (4x VRF2933, 4x SD2933, 2x EB-104, BLF188, BLF578) for power 1-1.5kW.